Hague Confirmed For Kit Plus Tour 2015

Kit Plus Tour 2015 | MediaCity | Manchester

  • Tuesday, November 10, 2015
  • 10:00am  6:00pm
  • MediaCity UK 

Hague Camera Supports have announced they will be attending the Kit Plus Tour in Manchester this year. We will be exhibiting a range of products including Camera Jibs, Tracking Dollies, Stabilizers, Powerheads & Sliders.

Join us to get some hands on experience of our products and discover what soultions we offer to meet your requirements.

The Hague Levitator Has Landed

The Hague Levitator is a camera support system similar to a Camframe or Fig Rig, but which has the stabilizing effect of a Steadicam. Like the Fig Rig the support is held by both hands, but the Levitator’s handles are totally free moving and the camera is self balancing, similar to a Steadicam but without the need for counterbalance weights. It’s this combination that gives the camera a levitating effect as if it is floating through the air.

The Levitator uses the camera’s own weight for counterbalance, so there is no need for counterbalance weights as used on most “Steadicam type” stabilizers. This reduces the weight of the support and the twin handle design makes it easier to hold for long periods. Once the camera is balanced, the Levitator gives the camera a truly floating effect with easy directional and tilt control with the two handles.

As there is very little restriction above or below the camera, the Levitator can simply skim over or under items creating shots unattainable from other devices. The sealed radial bearings in the pivot cups and the ball socket handles reduce hand movement as you move around.

It’s quick and simple to set up and the quick release camera plate makes it easy to get your camera on and off the support. Extra mounting holes and a cold shoe enables you to attach any extra accessories to the Levitator. The supplied rigging stands make it easy to adjust the Levitator’s fine trim controls until optimum balance is achieved. Also included is a Balance Correction Adapter, this is only required when heavy lenses are mounted to the camera making it very front heavy, or accessories are mounted to the camera that may affect the cameras centre of balance.